ALPPIMUISTO 2015 - FREE OPEN AIR The Underground Strikes Back (5th Edition)

Please enjoy our annual video of Alppimuisto. It will bring the memories back to life. Let's do this again, let's do it forever!

Music: Tristan & Nigel - Purple Om, Tristan - Talking In Technicolor (Dancefloor DeLuxe Version)

ALPPIMUISTO V 2015 - teaser

Alppimuisto V - The Underground Strikes Back (OFFICIAL INVITATION)

Music: "Tristan and Nigel - Purple Om" by Nano Records.

Intro track: "Darth & Vader - Return Of The Jedi (Interactive Noise Remix) by Spin Twist Records.

ALPPIMUISTO IV 2014 - A New Hope

Alppimuisto is produced by ORIGINAL PRANKSTERS which is a NPO (Non-Profit Organization) dedicated to promote underground music and art.

MUSIC: FRANK√ą & ILLINTON - Critical (Zero One Music)

INTRO: SUBRA - Enchanter Of The Dunes (Cronomi Records)


Alppimuisto Free Open Air 2013

Free open air party in Helsinki, Finland 6th July 2013.

Alppimuisto was an AMAZING event. About 5000 people at ONE single dance floor was legendary. And it all happened in the centre of Helsinki and it was kindly sponsored by the HELSINKI CITY.

The track here (Pipeworm) is produced by Hallucinogen & Lucas (Remix by Loud & Domestic) with the permission of TIP World.

Alppimuisto was powered by Thirteen Event Management.

Alppimuisto Free Open Air 2012

Free open air party in the heart of Helsinki, Finland 21th July 2012.

Alppimuisto was powered by Thirteen Event Management and supported by City of Helsinki - Cultural Office.

Music: Eat Static - Hybrid (Copyright: [Merlin] KudosRecords)